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PROVA DRAIN® is an easy-to-install drain system that can be used with PROVA PAN®, PROVA PAN-MULTI®, and mortar bases. PROVA DRAIN® is coated with PROVA-BOND™ surface treatment technology, which provides a waterproof, strong, and reliable bond between the drain flange, mortar, and shower pan. Each drain includes a grate housing with a height-adjustment collar and ring for adpating to multiple tile thicknesses.

  • Proprietary PROVA-BOND™ surface treatment for ultimate mortar adhesion & bond strength. Exclusive to PROVA DRAIN®
  • Connects easily to standard drain outlets
  • Countersunk holes in flange to accommodate fixing screws if required
  • Integrated for use with PROVA PAN®, PROVA PAN-MULTI® or a mortar base
  • Drain kit includes: PROVA DRAIN® flange, PROVA DRAIN GRATE HOUSING®
  • ABS material
  • PROVA DRAIN GRATE® sold separately
  • Premium polymer-modified thinset mortar required for installation. Premixed mortar or mastic are not to be used

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