MISSISSAUGA, ON — In December 2012 when M-D Building Products (Oklahoma City) completed the acquisition of The Loxcreen Company (Columbia, SC), it returned full circle into the Professional Floor Covering Accessory business with the Loxcreen Flooring Group division that operates out of Mississauga, ON, Canada. The Loxcreen acquisition meant that M-D was now the proud owner of some of the most respected brands in the industry. Brands like Bengard, Dura-Trim, KinTrim and Loxcreen Floor Covering Accessories were now part of the M-D family of businesses.

With so many well-known brands under the M-D umbrella, the time was right to consolidate and simplify their professional market presence under the newly created M-D PRO name. The professional division launched its new name to their just prior to the holiday season along with a brand new logo that will replace Loxcreen Flooring Group on all future product labels, marketing materials, social media, as well as a new website that is currently in development, www.mdpro.com.

“This new logo was designed to honor the history of the M-D brand but also to clearly distinguish it from the traditional retail channels that M-D is best known for,” said Joe Comitale, president of M-D PRO. “The M-D PRO business has a separate and autonomous management team that works closely with the senior management of M-D to make sure that corporate ideals are maintained while at the same time taking advantage of the expertise and specialization that the professional side of the business demands.”

The re-brand has been an evolutionary one, as initially, the professional floor covering brands remained stand alone. The first year after the acquisition, the M-D logo started appearing on marketing collateral as well as in advertisements and customer communications. Soon after, the M-D logo became more prominent and the trade shows proudly announced the M-D affiliation and ownership. In essence, this is just the final step in that evolution.

“It is extremely exciting for the Loxcreen Flooring Group brands to continue the evolution into the M-D family by changing the name to M-D PRO,” said Steven LaGrou, vice president of sales and marketing for M-D PRO. “The Loxcreen Flooring Group being an integral part of such a large, century old, well respected and recognizable organization such as M-D will certainly help us achieve our objective of brand consolidation, simplification and recognition.”

M-D PRO will be the brand name for all of the professional accessory product lines (Carpet Metal, Vinyl, and Wood & MDF) with one exception. M-D is also the owner of the decade old Prova brand of ceramic and stone installation accessories. Prova has quickly established itself as a proven, reliable and high performing product line in the M-D family. “Prova was the only other brand that we decided to keep and promote due to its established brand equity, its great potential for growth in the marketplace and its overall meaning to the product line,” according to Julia Vozza, marketing manager for M-D PRO. “The Prova name was derived from the Italian word, ‘Proteggere,’ which means ‘protect’ and derives from the word ‘vapor’.”

What started out as a single product in Canada is now an entire system of waterproofing products, tile underlayment, shower systems and other tile and stone accessory products that are sold all over North America. This standalone brand will continue but will in fact proudly include the M-D logo as well in recognition of its family ties.

This re-brand is set for a progressive roll out as of January 2017.

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