PROVA® Warranties

PROVA Tile Installation and Waterproofing Product Warranties provide a simple and efficient method for securing warranty coverage on all your PROVA purchases.

Our straightforward eligibility requirements and transparent conditions ensure the peace of mind you expect from a warranty without the overcomplicated warranty language.

Warranty Overview

PROVA warranties include a Limited Lifetime Installation Warranty as well as variable term product warranties, each offering several advantages that set them apart.

For full warranty details and exclusions, please review the warranty documents that came included with your products or find the applicable documents in the link below.

PROVA Limited Product Warranties


5  years – Product warranty


PROVA Waterproofing and Shower Products

10 years – Product warranty


PROVA Underlayment Products

50 years – Product warranty


PROVA Tile Installation Products

Limited Lifetime – Product warranty


PROVA Warranty Registration

For fast access to your PROVA purchase in the event of an alleged manufacturing defect, simply fill out the Registration Form below.

Please note that your PROVA system must be registered within 60 days of the date of purchase in order to qualify for the PROVA Tile Installation Products Limited Lifetime Warranty. While not required, this step is also encouraged for all product warranties.

Warranty Claims

To file a claim for qualifying PROVA  products and systems, simply complete the appropriate warranty claim document within 30 days of the alleged manufacturing defect presenting itself.

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